Nicolas Lanthemann
Indepedant Interaction Designer randomly sharing some thoughts on our digital era.

Okay I know it seems a bit extreme. But that thought led me to imagine how the web would like to look if it had been treated like the way we use our own car.

Why would we need clear rules?

In Bali, Indonesia, you don’t need a permit to drive a motorbike, as a tourist…

Both provide information all the time. There is not a moment without information. And that’s a problem. Or at least it is today. It is hard to find reliable sources of information, or nevertheless interesting information.

Simpler times.

Before smartphones, apps, and social networks, we used to browse the internet differently. You…

Well, I’m maybe a bit harsh, there is still the bio for people who can actually read. I’ve been using Tinder for a while now (I have my reasons, go away.) and I’m quite tired of it. …

Hello there! I need your attention.

Well, it tells you good morning. It is greeting you, and greetings are how you start a conversation usually, right? In the beginning, I found it nice and smart. I have been working a while on chatbots when I was at Hinderling Volkart and was very interested in “talking interfaces”.

I don’t have many years of experience in the field. If I include my year of internships I would be in my fourth year as an Experience Designer. Or UI/UX, interaction, whatever-you-call-it-on-Linkedin Designer. I don’t lament, it’s exciting. I keep learning. Since January 2019, I’ve been working with in…

Nicolas Lanthemann

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